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“Born of the Spirit and shaped by His Word, Rambellwood is a young and gifted collection of soulful musicians who have a remarkable ability to appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. Their musicianship grabs your attention and their song writing draws you in. Way in. Rambellwood will move you, awaken you and leave you seeking to know more.”
-Shannon Monk
Music at the Monastery 
House Concert Series

"'The Great Interference" is a fresh new album from a great family band. It's wonderful to hear families writing, recording, and performing together, and the Ramsey family does a fine job on their debut album. Your heart will be blessed by the diversity and talents that this project contains."

 -Ross Holmes of Cadillac Sky

"Emma is very contemporary and very original. I loved her vocals, her melody, and the imagery she used is beautiful. Oh man, it's good stuff. My wife and I looked at each other when we heard "Color Me" and said, "This is really cool." It's definitely one of my top picks."
-Greg Swint, Platinum Winning lyricist, on The Great Interference’s award winning song, “Color Me”.


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