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The Family at Rambellwood

A unique blend of acoustic/folk/rock, featuring five siblings, Rambellwood, (formerly The Great Interference) was begun in 1998 when the Ramsey siblings; -- guitarist/lyricist/composer/vocalist, Sam, and lyricist/vocalist, Emma,-- joined their efforts to create original songs.  Their music grew, and blossomed, with the addition of drummer/cellist, James, vocalist/bassist, Johanna, and pianist, Grace.  Driven by thought-provoking, Christ-centered lyrics, their music is an eclectic fusion of distinctive guitar and melodic piano, given depth with the added elements of bass and drums.
The Ramsey siblings have been musicians since childhood, but it was the release of their first album, self-titled, and recorded at home, in 2007, that motivated them to doggedly pursue publicizing their music.  In 2009, their song, "Color Me", was awarded second prize in the "Song of Faith" contest created by the "Tyler Morning Telegraph", of Tyler, TX, near their hometown.  After spending much of 2009 gigging through-out their area, and into Dallas/Fort Worth, they are now perfecting their recordings, recording new songs, and pushing forward with a passion to share the heart of the Father through music.

There are nine of us, all told.  Shall we introduce ourselves?

First, there is the band.

Sam, 25, guitarist, composer, vocalist, the guy who puts it all together, and our producer in the recording studio.  He's also a professional photographer.  Check out his work, here.

Emma, 20, lyricist and vocalist, passionate about writing, and sharing the Lord's truth in words.  She writes a blog, A Banner of Crimson.

James, 23, drummer and cellist.  Currently pursuing the study of mechanical engineering, he also dabbles in real estate.  He details his journey at the Painted Woodland.

Johanna, 18, vocalist and bassist, and a photographer in her own right.  Her camera captures the images that illustrate her sister's writing, at A Banner of Crimson.

Grace, 15, an artist at the piano, a composer and budding vocalist.

Then there are,

Sarah Anne, 10, violinist and philosopher extraordinaire,

And Matthew, 6, fledgling drummer, who we might easily call, biased as we are, one of the cutest kids around.  They both join in us concert, off and on, to share their talents and their unfailing ability to capture your heart.

Then, behind the scenes, are the two people who began all this, and who keep us going.

Cary, who builds custom cabinets for a living, but is an avid musician, and a recording and sound engineer...

and Bonny, our backstage manager, a homemaker and an inspiration beyond words.  Read our family's story of Mom's journey through cancer, here.

Our Statement of Belief

We believe:

The most important four words in the universe are... Jesus Christ is Lord.
The most important seven words in the universe are... I acknowledge Jesus Christ as my Lord.

These statements are derived from the following facts:
Our sovereign God is Creator of the universe and all things therein.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God, Who became a man, lived among us, died to offer forgiveness of sin, was buried, and rose from the dead to guarantee eternal life to all those who believe.

The Holy Spirit is present and operative in the world today. He offers comfort and guidance through all the realities of life on earth.

The Holy Bible is God's word, which in following, we find abundant life on the earth and eternal life in heaven.

We subscribe to the Apostle's Creed as a basic summary of essential elements of belief for followers of Jesus Christ.

Purpose and Goal

The goal of Rambellwood is to be a channel through which can flow "the river whose streams make glad the city of God, the holy habitation of the Most High" (Ps. 46:4) and to encourage the saints to enthrone Jesus Christ in their hearts and lives as Lord of lords and King of kings (Rev. 17:14).


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