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A Little Explanation

>> Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So... as you all have heard, we have been endeavoring to get our official album released.  As we were unable to meet our deadline, we decided, instead, to release a single.

So... I got to work on it, designed the cover art, uploaded the final mix... and....

Discovered that it could take up to three weeks before it's available on itunes.  Bummer, right?

So... I guess we'll all just have to keep waiting.  But guess what?  As soon as I get the news, I will head to the computer and let you know.  Follow us on our new facebook page, or on twitter, or just here on the blog, to find out first thing.

And the album is still in the works.  We're just waiting for Sam, who is not only the band leader, but also our producer, to come home for the weekend and hit the studio.

So... until then!

and the Rambellwood Band


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